Dear all,

a case somewhat relevant to the discussion.

I am tasked by a client to work with and on some existing scripts that derive
maps related to recreational areas. These scripts use GRASS GIS.
Hence, it is naturally to shape a GRASS GIS Add-on.

The add-on will eventually be of interest for many, and mostly non
GIS-experts.  The whole idea was to expose the Add-on to QGIS and
eventually train and practice with it persons who are not experienced
GIS users.

Both QGIS and GRASS GIS, in this case, and the whole OSGeo ecosystem,
have things to gain, while offering small tools that interest many.

I guess, there are numerous cases like this one. What would,
effectively, mean a removal of external providers (in this case GRASS

Among the, indeed, many algorithms that might appear, or be
overwhelming, there are always here and there tools that make life
easier for people who don't have the time or the need to dive deep into
special concepts of GRASS, SAGA or OTB.  And QGIS is for the the

Thanks, Nikos

* Paolo Cavallini <> [2018-02-06 18:57:17 +0100]:

Hi all,
following the discussion on qgis-dev ML:
it has been proposed to remove all external providers (namely OTB,
already removed, GRASS, and SAGA) from Processing in QGIS2 (GDAL will
remain as QGIS cannot be built without). This raised a number of
concerns, so PSC decided not to rush removing them from the upcoming 3.0
release, and to open a wider discussions about this, involving all the
interested parties, to find an optimal solution.
If volunteers outside QGIS core team, ideally from the respective
backends, could take the maintenance of these providers, not much would
change for the end user. If not, this will mean effectively missing
hundreds of algs from QGIS.
I personally propose to reinstate the OTB plugin with Rashad (from OTB)
as maintainer.
QGIS.ORG will seek to support any decision made with funding where possible.
Looking forward for your feedback.
All the best.
Paolo Cavallini -
QGIS & PostGIS courses:,arcgis
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