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> If anyone interested
> future-of-processing-providers
> there you can find the info about the discussion meeting regarding Future
> of
> QGIS processing/external alg providers
> Proposed schedule: 23/02 10:30 -
> Future+of+Processing+Providers&iso=20180223T1030
> the meeting can be joined remotely.
> Hi, I meet Paolo Cavallini in Rome for foss4g and he told me that to
> attend
> it and spoke about what we could do. I think that grass developer are
> already super busy with actual duties, the QGIS one could be to much for
> us.
> I think we should support them to create a toolboxes using actual grass
> tools like the parser output.
> Maybe we could add a flag in future versions of grass for parameters to
> exclude in QGIS
> My2cents

I agree that we as GRASS dev may be already very/too busy to keep GRASS at
its highest level.

but I also think the inter-project communication should be kept proactively
alive to tackle such challenges... because looking at all these cool
tutorials about the OSGeo GIS stack floating around nowadays .... it's a
co-success  ..... :-)

best regards
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