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> Hello Luca,


> There will be a tool, in which the user enters the name of the module, and
> select the flags and parameters of the modules, and select which test to be
> done.
> after selecting these option, the user click "Create Test", then their
> will be a python file generated on the desktop, by using the python file
> user can test the module.
> And When the user will enter the module name, the window will extend and
> at the side it will show manual of the module.

ok, but since there are a lot of modules in GRASS it is better if the tool
will be able to work without the user choses. It should be more automatic

May be this is poasible that, if we allow user only to select modules, and
flags will be automatic.

> Thank You
> Supreet Singh
> https://singhsupreet.github.io/

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