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>>>> Hi devs,
>>>> I just found something odd. I have a CHIRPS tif for Africa [0], but I
>>>> only need to import Ghana, so I used r.in.gdal -r. However when I
>>>> the data, most of it is nodata, while the full map of Africa has data
>>>> over the continent. Then, I tried also with r.import extent=region.
>>>> result. The only thing providing what I expected to be the right
result (a
>>>> subset from the full map) is importing the whole map and then using
>>>> r.mapcalc to clip (i need the space in my hard disk)
>> trying harder I can reproduce the issue (of course not NULL related).
>> So, I have no clue right now why it behaves differently.
> Hi,
> no intention to add noise. There is something weird, here too.
> # first things first
> grass -c /geo/geodata/examples/chirps-v2.0.2018.01.01.tif
> # importing the whole map looks visually ok
> r.in.gdal input=/geo/geodata/examples/chirps-v2.0.2018.01.01.tif
> # then, using the following box coordinates for Ghana from
> # https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User%3aThe_Anome/country_bounding_boxes
> g.region w=-4.000 e=4.733 n=20.000 s=11.167 -p

This bbox is north of Ghana, not Ghana.

> # to draw the box on-display
> v.in.region output=ghana_box
> # and doing a partial import
> r.in.gdal -r input=/geo/geodata/examples/chirps-v2.0.2018.01.01.tif
> Regardless whether the box figures are not correct, while the imported
> portion is, indeed, a box fraction of the whole map, it isn't, visually
> the "right" part. It appears as a part from the coast has been imported.

Apparently you did not update your local copy of trunk or relbr74, see my
previous post.

Markus M
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