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2016-09-18 18:51 GMT+02:00 Markus Neteler <nete...@osgeo.org>:
It was on the recent community sprint agenda, with no real outcome.
We do need a git *expert* for this. Anyone?
However, I believe that this topic is more a technical rather than a
political one which belongs to grass-dev.

I am willing to help with this issue. Probably others will be
interested too, Vaclav? Ma

Yes, to certain extent. However, I think it is not purely technical and it
is coupled with OSGeo and other OSGeo projects.

Right- But the PSC is only involved once the technical aspects are clear.

One of the questions I would think we should think about from the beginning is whether we really want to run with a double system (svn and git) or whether it might be easier in the long run, to completely switch over to git...

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