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Dear grass users,
since today I’ve the following problem:

First problem, unkown OS. Guess Windows (CP1252??) from the odd characters in your email, unkown version. Unknown R version and unkown rgrass7 version. No other reports of issues that are known. Are you using OSGeo4W GRASS or native GRASS? That shouldn't matter, rgrass7 will load with no GRASS present.


starting rgrass7 package in R in the grass7 console I get the following error 
Lade n├Âtiges Paket: sp
Lade n├Âtiges Paket: XML
Error : .onAttach in attachNamespace() f├╝r 'rgrass7' fehlgeschlagen, Details:
 Aufruf: if (class(t0) != "try-error" && is.character(t0) && nchar(t0) >
 Fehler: Fehlender Wert, wo TRUE/FALSE n├Âtig ist
Fehler: Laden von Paket oder Namensraum f├╝r 'rgrass7' fehlgeschlagen
I tried the following options:
New installation of GRASS7 and R
Updated all packages in R
Installed the package rgrass7 on both sides, in an single R Session and also in 
the R Session inside the GRASS console,
But nothing works.
Is it possible to fix this?
Is there a way to set the namespaces for R or to repair them?
By the way: The same problem seems to be at v.krige in the GUI. I never get 
this addon to work and need to use the kriging interpolation methods.
Thank you for your help,

kind regards, Norbert Zirps.

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