Hi Folks,

Poseidon Linux is here!

For GIS people it comes with:


SPRING 4.3.3
GRASS 6.2.1 + plugins GDAL 1.4.4 and OGR 1.4.4
GMT 4.2.0
PROJ 4.6
QGIS 0.10 + plugins (including GRASS Plugin)
Terraview 3.2 Plus
MB System 5.1.0
GPS Manager
GPS Drive
Mapserver 5.0 + Pmapper 3.2 (pmapper don't work running from live-DVD,
just work when installed on a PC)

For more details please visit our site:


Yes, I know... there is GRASS 6.3 out... but to minimize download time
for users we plan to release each 3-4 months a maintenance version
with updates (normal/security) and a few upgrades... and GRASS is
already our list.

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