Hi all,

I come here with a question/dilemma...

Why ps.map lacks so much user support?

A lot of people know about GRASS all over the world, but nearly nobody
use it, since nearly any software in the world is less difficult to
produce maps.

GRASS is a wonderful tool for analysis, but it fails to produce the
ultimate result: a map.

Even GMT is widely used, because a lot of people SHARE the scripts,
and there is the "GMT cookbook" on the official website.

But for GRASS everybody can see some good examples here:


But nearly nobody share the scripts to make these wonderful maps...
and you know, a lot of people will never "lose" their time trying to
figure out how ps.map works just using the man page.

Ps.map also needs a "cookbook" in the future.

And at: http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/Ps.map_scripts

Ok, we have finally a few scripts, but poorly documented.

I use GRASS since 2001, it is nearly a complete solution for GIS (in
my opinion), but ps.map was always the weak point (in my opinion
too)... normally I need to export all my region/data to
GMT/ArcView/Surfer to make the final map.

For example, my latest work was two pages for an atlas for National
Geographic Brasil/Brazil, with a work that I started developing with
GRASS since 2001... but guess if GRASS was used for the final map?

This is a shame for me. :-(

I am aware of g-ps.map (the alternate GUI for ps.map), but will take
sometime until it became truth.

So... If there someone who wants to share his knowlegde, I can at
least help to compile and document the material to prepare a real
"ps.map cookbook" on the GRASS-Wiki.

Who will join me, and share some material?

Best regards,

Christian dos Santos Ferreira
Coordinator of Poseidon Linux
QGIS translator (EN to Brazilian Portuguese)
GRASS user since 2001 and "philosopher" for features ;-)
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