Good questioning. 
My solution is that I use Qgis with PDF output to produce the ilustration part 
of the map and them make the final product with all the legend and titles with 
Pablo Torres CarreiraINCRA/Araraquara - Brazil.
> Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 20:17:18 +0200> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To: 
>> Subject: [GRASS-user] dilemma> > Hi all,> 
> > > I come here with a question/dilemma...> > Why lacks so much user 
> support?> > A lot of people know about GRASS all over the world, but nearly 
> nobody> use it, since nearly any software in the world is less difficult to> 
> produce maps.> > GRASS is a wonderful tool for analysis, but it fails to 
> produce the> ultimate result: a map.> > Even GMT is widely used, because a 
> lot of people SHARE the scripts,> and there is the "GMT cookbook" on the 
> official website.> > But for GRASS everybody can see some good examples 
> here:> >> > But nearly nobody 
> share the scripts to make these wonderful maps...> and you know, a lot of 
> people will never "lose" their time trying to> figure out how works 
> just using the man page.> > also needs a "cookbook" in the future.> > 
> And at:> > Ok, we have finally a 
> few scripts, but poorly documented.> > I use GRASS since 2001, it is nearly a 
> complete solution for GIS (in> my opinion), but was always the weak 
> point (in my opinion> too)... normally I need to export all my region/data 
> to> GMT/ArcView/Surfer to make the final map.> > For example, my latest work 
> was two pages for an atlas for National> Geographic Brasil/Brazil, with a 
> work that I started developing with> GRASS since 2001... but guess if GRASS 
> was used for the final map?> > This is a shame for me. :-(> > I am aware of 
> (the alternate GUI for, but will take> sometime until it 
> became truth.> > So... If there someone who wants to share his knowlegde, I 
> can at> least help to compile and document the material to prepare a real> 
> " cookbook" on the GRASS-Wiki.> > Who will join me, and share some 
> material?> > Best regards,> Christian> > --> Christian dos Santos Ferreira> 
> Oceanographer> Coordinator of Poseidon Linux> QGIS translator (EN to 
> Brazilian Portuguese)> GRASS user since 2001 and "philosopher" for features 
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