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> FWIW, I'm planning to remove ps.map from 7.x.
> Equivalent functionality will be available through d.*
> commands.

any reason other than redunancy?

It is highly useful to some and currently outpaces d.* for quality. 
Duplicate functionality is only a reason if:

a) it does a worse job for the task (debatable->personal choice), or
b) it distracts the developer pool too much from working on new things.
c) adds too much bulk

none of which are the case, IMO. it does a good job and the code hardly changes 
(I think I'm the only one who actually works on it). It doesn't touch anything 
outside its directory and the code is a fairly small portion of the overall 

i.e., what is the cost of leaving it there for those who depend on it?

AFAICS the primary thing it lacks is a nice GUI frontend composer.


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