Dear all,

I intend to mosaic two 24 bit images in LAT LON location.
I imported a 24 bit coloured PNG image in Grass using in an x-y 
GRASS treated it as a combination of three 8 bit images, one for red, one for 
and one for blue and imported them as three separate maps.

After going through the archives, I tried to use r.patch to combine all the 
three components.
The output of which wasn't a 24bit image but was only one of the components. 
(Not coloured)

d.rgb module does display a coloured 24 bit image after inputing the three 
components to it.

I geocoded them to get non-coloured 8 bit geocoded images in the target 

I did the same for the second 24 bit image.
Mosaicing works fine(i.image.mosaic), but i need to use 8 bit images(24 bit 
images converted to 8 bit images prior to importing, using xv; resolution weak)
or any one of the 8 bit components of a 24 bit image.

Is there a way to mosaic 24 bit images and to output it as a single 24 bit 


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