On 03/07/08 15:56, Hamish wrote:
FYI, I've added some more hints & tricks to the wiki page:

Moritz Lennert wrote:
See http://geog-pc40.ulb.ac.be/grass/psmap/

for two ps.map files and the resulting map, showing thematic mapping,
proportionate circles and patterns. Unfortunately, I seem
to have lost the pattern files I used...

Look in $GISBASE/etc/paint/patterns/

Yes, but I customized them slightly for my needs and I think I must have erased those customised versions...

Once I have some time, I'll try to contribute some
more, possibly about using R to create symbols which you can then
integrate with the eps '$' option in vpoints (see ages.png as an
example, but can't find the psmap file right now :-( )

Nice bar graphs -> lets you do d.vect.chart magic with ps.map.

Yep, actually much more than d.vect.chart since you can create any form you want (have also worked with triangles)...

how to set up an accurate bubble plot legend?

I create a new vector point map (belscale in the psmap files) with the points placed at the spot where I would like the legend. Then it suffices to update the values in the attribute table to relevant values related to your map and to display this 'map' just like the real one...

One thing that still bothers me with bubble plot is the lack of the possibility to sort the bubbles so that you are sure to have the largest in the back...

But I would like to work on all this for a new d.thematic.points...when I have time again.


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