Hello everyone,

I am using a v.label command (+ d.labels command) to present county
names in the states' maps.  I have tried two slightly different

1)v.label map=XXX type=centroid column=YYY labels=ZZZ fontsize=5 color=red
2)v.label map=XXX type=centroid column=YYY labels=ZZZ size=5 color=red

Both commands resulted in presenting same label size.  Also, I run
this commands for Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Arizona
and Oregon.  Somehow, the label size in Alabama and Louisiana are
same, but bigger than the labels in the rest of states.  Also, I
tested different fontsize and size (i.e. 20), but the result stayed
same way that the label size is bigger in Alabama and Louisiana than
other rest of the states.

Does anyone know how to control the label size?  I downloaded all
shapefiles from the U.S. Census Bureau site
(http://www.census.gov/geo/www/cob/bdy_files.html or

Thank you,

Rei Hayashi
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