Hello Maning,

Yes... I would like to receive your contributions (ps.map files).

On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 10:14 AM, maning sambale
> +1 on the ps.map cookbook
> I can provide my ps.map files. Some ideas:
> 1.  Techniques in making atlas, like a script that can use a single
> ps.map config to a number of regions to create a map atlas expanding
> the ps.atlas script.
> 2. More  http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/AreaFillPatterns for
> landuse/cover, geology, etc.

This looks interesting.

> 3. Basic/advanced ps.map config for various map layout
> 4. How-to on integrating ps.map output to other graphics/printing apps
> (scribus, gimp, latex)

This is a point where we need someone with a good experience on it to

> When I got the hang of ps.map, I find it easier to tweak map layouts.
> Much like when you got the hang of using mapserver's map file :).
> Actually it seems very similar to mapserver's mapfile.

Yes, this is true.

Markus... I will use the Wiki, ok?

Let's make this way... I will organize the "cookbook" this way (plus
with the ideas from Maning)

1) Short description how ps.map works (concept);
2) One or two simple scripts (to newbies have a startup);
3) Some advanced scripts;

For the complex/advanced scripts my idea is do something similar to
the Mapserver books from Tyler M. and Bill K. (I have both :-D)...
build a long ps.map file step-by-step. To make it clear what each part
is really doing, and how customize it.


Best regards,

PS: Thanks Hamish and Moritz for the contributions!
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