>>> When running make in /grass6_devel/imagery/i.ortho.photo/photo.2image
>>> I get a linking error as follows:
>>> /usr/bin/ld: OBJ.i686-pc-linux-gnu/mark.o(.text+0x94a): unresolvable
>>> R_386_32 relocation against symbol `line'

It's on my list, the solution will be to declare "line" as static in
mark.c; I just haven't had the time yet to test it. (ie run through the
i.ortho.photo tutorial to a level where I can notice if I broke anything
with the "fix")

The external side of the problem has already been fixed in GDAL 1.5 SVN.
(they were accidentally exporting something called "line" and the two
conflicted when linked together)



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