Hi there,

the suggestion below works. The other one suggested later on with "dri"
instead of "driver"  by Martin with 7.0.5svn as well. I get a list of
tables with db.tables -p.

But non of them shows a list of vectors/rasters when I go for the "link"
or "import" within the gui. I can select a db from that server I am
connected to, but no table is shown.


Did the debug output from Benoit ANDRE helps anything? I guess mine
would still be interresting?



On 14/09/16 13:06, Martin Landa wrote:
> Hi,
> 2016-09-12 13:22 GMT+02:00 Stefan Lüdtke <slued...@gfz-potsdam.de>:
>> 1)
>> db.connect driver=pg
>> database="host=vmhydro27,dbname=cedim_rfra,port=5432"
>> 2)db.login driver=pg database=cedim_rfra user=sluedtke password=#####
>> host=vmhydro27
> please try out:
> db.connect driver=pg database=edim_rfra
> db.login driver=pg database=cedim_rfra user=sluedtke password=#####
> host=vmhydro27 port=5432
> Ma

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