on a fresh (r69498) trunk version of grass, I have a problem running a
v.edit command on a map.
Given a vector map composed of 200 contour lines splitted in roughly
17000 line segments (adjacent nodes perfectly overlapping), I need to
"unsplit" these contours. If I try to run the following command :

        v.edit map=contours type=line tool=merge snap=vertex -r cats=0

it looks line it never ends, i.e. the process does not return any error,
RAM and CPU usages appear stable (not huge). After tens of minutes it
still hangs up. I finally have to interrupt, then chucking out the
topology-damaged map.

Running the same command on grass6.4 (after v.build the source map), it
runs successfully within some minutes.

Before I open a ticket, would anyone wish to give a try to my data ?


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