The project area -- in farmland -- is small (< 20 ha) and  essentially
flat with elevation differences less than 1 meter. The LiDAR raster cells
(imported from ARC Grid format) have a cell size of 3x3 international feet;
elevation resolution is 0.013 feet.

  While r.slope.aspect generates an aspect map, the slope map is blank. The
maps for dx, dy, and relief display variations.

  While I have some soil data, it's sparse and I haven't (yet) found
infiltration rates; the rainfall data is very low and from a station several
miles away. I probably do not have all required input data for r.sim.water
or r.watershed.

  Based on your much more extensive experiences applying GRASS to limited
areas please suggest approaches that might be appropriate for this project.
It might be that all I can do is create detailed contour maps of the area
and describe the situation qualitatively without robust quantitative



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