Hi Luiz,

It either very simple to answer your question or a quite difficult to answer 
based on the information your provided.

The simple answer would be: Yes, of course this is possible in GRASS, thanks to 
it\s topological vector model! But that is probably not the answer you are 
after ;-)

In order to give you suggestions on what to do however, we would need more 
information on what you actually want to achieve.

Furthermore, I am afraid not everybody is familiar with the terms you use (at 
least I am not):
What is you “spatial data structure”? Is that a set of thematic shape files? 
Several land cover types from one land cover dataset?
What are sfs layers?
What do you mean by “on demand” or “hierarchy”? Do you actually want to “snap” 
your hydrography data (and so on) to the vegetation data?
Is there any (spatial) relation between the layers in your “spatial data 
structure” at the moment?
Could you provide us with some examples?


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Subject: [GRASS-user] Topology built on demand

How can I build a topology in grass with priority order on demand?
I need to build a topology for my Spatial Data Structure. My structure has 
several sfs layers, but to validate my data I need to build a topology with 
several classes and according to a priority.
This means that I want to insert my sfs layers into one topology structure in 
grass on demand.
For instance, first I need to insert vegetation layers and later, insert 
hydrography layers and so on...

Is it possible to make this on grass?
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