Hei Johnn,

The command you specified is (except for the n-flag) an example from the 
manual. You would have to replace the input to the options according to your 

I used i.landsat8.swlst in a project in Oslo and was quite satisfied with the 
results. You can see them here:

I documented the production here:

Maybe the shell script gives you some more hints on the usage of the module in 
a processing chain...

Some hints from my experience with the module:
I would NOT use a one of the rather outdated GLC maps (which for my study area 
in addition were full of NoData). If you have a good land cover map I would 
reclassify it according to the classes used in the GLC maps (see the manual of 

Kind regards,

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Subject: [GRASS-user] Query Related to i.landsat8.swlst

Dear all,

I am a student from India, and first time user of GRASS GIS and i am having 
basic knowledge of GIS.
My aim is to use i.landsat8.swlst add-on to calculate LST from Landsat8 data 
for my study area.
I want to know in the following command:

i.landsat8.swlst mtl=MTL prefix=B landcover=FROM_GLC -n

​Which Basename i am going to provide as prefix for landsat8 data ??

Also, my first query on grass-user's mail list.
Please help.

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