Dear all,

I am unable to use because of a "segmentation fault" error. I
 have a script that used to work correctly in GRASS 6.4 (32 bit) but
produces this error after I switched to GRASS 7.0.4 (64 bit).

If I try to follow both examples shown in
70/manuals/ (using the Spearfish dataset for GRASS 7) the
same error appears:

> Building graph...
> Registering arcs...
> Segmentation fault

What I am missing?

Thanks in advance. 


Eduardo Corbelle

Dr. Eduardo Corbelle Rico

Land laboratory (LaboraTe)
Department of Agricultural and Forest Engineering
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Tel:  +34 982 823 324
Fax:  +34 982 285 926
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