trying to use the  wxGUI digitizer with GRASS 7.3 I am quite puzzled
with a default behavior I would like to change :

Usually when I have to digitize large polygon maps, I try to do a bulk
definition of attribute, i.e. after drawing the whole boundaries, I
digitize a hundred of centroids corresponding to a particular attribute
value (e.g. id=1), then another hundred of centroids corresponding to
polygons with another value (id=2), and so on. I do that with the help
of v.category and v.to.db, then just have to type one sql update for the
bunch of freshly added centroids...
Well, this can still be achieved by selecting the "digitize new
centroid" entry. Categories in this case are automatically added to new
features. The thing is prior to this, I would like to be able to
digitize boundaries /without/ adding categories to them, which I cannot
with the entry "digitize new boundary". The first entry "digitize new
area (boundary without category)" is neither good to me as it adds
centroids+cats where and when I don't want yet.

Don't know if I'm clear ;-[

In a word I would like to be able to choose between automatically adding
or not adding categories to objects I digitize. Perhaps it is possible,
but I didn't see how. Perhaps a checkbox "add new category" similar to
"add new record into table" could do the job ?


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