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Please have a look here: 

You might try: r.mapcalc "dene = if ( @curvt_cat == 'conc' )" but I doubt that 
it will work, as what I understood from the manual is that the “@” operator 
only returns floating point values (and not text) and will return NULL for 
non-numeric lables.

Since you have both categories and labels why not using the categories?


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I am confused about using label values in r.mapcalc.

r.category curvt_cat
1          conc
2          flat
3          conx

r.mapcalc "dene = if ( curvt_cat == /* I want to use label values here instead 
of  categories    */ )"

like this :

r.mapcalc "dene = if ( curvt_cat == 'conc' )"

it gives
Invalid map <conc>

​How can I use label in r.mapcalc query​?



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