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A short not on the manual It appears to be out of date for PostGIS import. I have to call the schema in "layer" to have schema-support. My previous code as given below was been running without this.

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#Syntax in the past and still recommended according to manual:

INPATH="PG:dbname=mydatabase schema=myschema"

db.connect driver=pg database=mydatabase schema=myschema #eventially unnecessary input="$INPATH" layer="mytablename" out=mygrasstablename type="point" -r

#Working code in version GRASS72:


db.connect driver=pg database=mydatabase #no schema required, as it has to be called inside input="$INPATH" layer="myschema.mytablename" out=mygrasstablename type="point" -r

#extract of manual:

db.connect driver=pg database=test schema=user1
db.login user=user1 password=pwd1
# -> input="PG:dbname=test user=user1 password=pwd1" layer="user1.river" input=PG: layer=river output=river table=user1.river

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