OSGeo4w Setup exits with the qgis-common.bat exit code -1073741512, Earlier
in the installation the setup.log reports

"Could not open service McShield for query, start and stop. McAfee may not
be installed, or we don't have access."

McAfee is not installed on this system.

Qgis itself runs but nothing in the GRASS toolbox works (installation error)

I then installed GRASS 7.4.0 independently.   Running 7.4.0 produces a
series 0x000007b application errors - from clean_temp.exe and g.gisenv.exe.

The Error message "Process ended with non-zero return code -1073741571"
apply, but this is a fresh installation of GRASS.  Other error posts point
to vcredist packages, so I reinstalled the distribution packages without
any luck.

Windows 7 Professional.
HP Probook 4520s

Note: Grass worked fine before I performed a factory reset on my laptop.

- kodi
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