On 22/02/18 02:18, Kevin Labre wrote:
HI Daniel, Moritz,

Thanks a lot for your quick replies.

I did not set the region to the extent of my maps, because I didn't know what values to use

g.region rast=MNT_Kourou_50cm_000517,MNT_Kourou_50cm_000518,MNT_Kourou_50cm_000551,MNT_Kourou_50cm_000552

and then running r.contour on each MNT should do the trick.

Following Moritz's advice, I've attached a .txt file with the output g-region -p, r-info on each of the raster files and v.info <http://v.info> on the 4 contour vector files.

g.region -p shows that the region is set to encompass only the two southern MNT's. However, I don't understand the output of v.info Contours517@K which shows that there are 22 lines in a bounding box with 0 E-W extension ( E: 322072.25, W: 322072.25), while the region is defined with

west:       322072
east:       322572.5

i.e. it goes to the western edge of MNT_517. Maybe the region that was set when r.contour was run was not the same as the one you see now ?

Daniel I'll try the r.patch command as soon as I have a moment.

This is probably the easiest for you:

r.patch in=MNT_Kourou_50cm_000517,MNT_Kourou_50cm_000518,MNT_Kourou_50cm_000551,MNT_Kourou_50cm_000552 out=myMNT

g.region rast=myMNT

r.contour in=myMnt

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