Hello Gra,

On 21/02/18 16:49, Gra wrote:
I have this error with r.neighborhoodmatrix
could you help?

Traceback (most recent call last):
line 190, in <module>
line 150, in main
     for line in heapq.merge(*[decorated_file(f, keyfunc) for
f in files]):
   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/heapq.py", line 376, in merge
     h_append([next(), itnum, next])
line 96, in decorated_file
     yield (key(line), line)
line 92, in keyfunc
     return [int(x) for x in s.split(separator)[:2]]
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10:

The value 0-0.003922 seems to indicate that you are not using an integer map. Calculating a neighborhood matrix only makes sense for clearly defined objects and this implies an identification with integer ids (such as the ones coming out of r.clump or i.segment).

To make sure this is the problem, please send us the r.info output on your input map.

I just committed a revised version of the addon which checks the map type and gives a fatal error if it is not the expected integer type. Reinstall the extension and tell us what you get.

BTW, you sent me a private mail [please don't do that: mails should always go to the list] concerning an error in r.object.spatialautocor where you also have an error in r.neighborhoodmatrix, using the following command:

r.object.spatialautocor ob=maskAT001L2_50 var=RPnAT001L2@in_data method=moran
maskAT001L2_50 = raster map value 1
RPnAT001L2 = my variable

I suspect the reason for the error is similar, but to make sure, please send the output of

r.info maskAT001L2_50

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