On Wed, 7 Mar 2018, Rich Shepard wrote:

I suppose I can cd to those directories and touch the filenames so I can
build GRASS against the upgraded libproj.so.

  No, this won't work. The error message is the lack of a makefile 'all' for
r.in.lidar.tmp.html (and the other three modules), but that file does not
exist in the source tree:

~/gis/grass/grass7_trunk/raster/r.in.lidar]$ ls
Makefile         projection.c                  r_in_lidar_zrange.png
filters.c        r.in.lidar.html               r_in_lidar_zrange.svg
filters.h        r_in_lidar.png                rast_segment.c
info.c           r_in_lidar_base_raster.png    rast_segment.h
local_proto.h    r_in_lidar_base_raster.svg    string_list.c
main.c           r_in_lidar_binning_count.png  support.c
point_binning.c  r_in_lidar_binning_mean.png   test/
point_binning.h  r_in_lidar_dem_mean3D.jpg     testsuite/

  The file, r.in.lidar.html exists, but not r.in.lidar.tmp.html. Is the tmp
file generated during the build process? If so, I wonder why the Makefile
doesn't include it.

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