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Dear all,
I am running some GIS procedures in a series of maps present in the same 
location. To speed up the process, I opened different GRASS GIS sections in the 
same location, but in different mapsets, and then, in each section/mapset I ran:
r.in.gdal input input_map_of_this_mapset.tif 
output=input_map_of_this_mapsetg.region map=input_map_of_this_mapset... (a 
series of procedures)
Do you think I'll have problems in this process?Does g.region in a given mapset 
affects the region in other mapsets?(I should also use a temporary region, but 
I am also not sure if these temporary region files are set for the whole 
location or are limited to the current mapset).
Or should I do that in different locations?
Thanks a lot!Bernardo Niebuhr

Each Mapset has his own definition of the computational region, which is
the file named `WIND`. You shouldn't have any problems, even running
processes in different Mapsets in parallel.

Good luck, Nikos

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