On 15/05/18 17:10, Nikos Alexandris wrote:
* "Peter Löwe" <peter.lo...@gmx.de> [2018-05-14 11:38:53 +0200]:

Hi all,

is there already some kind of up to date list / global map of GRASS 
installation in HPC-cluster environments ?

This would be handy to get a feeling about how much "big geospatial number 
crunching" is currently done with GRASS, and where to visit / whom to talk to to 
learn from others.


Ciao Peter, and all,

I *still* need to do my "homework" and transfer "my" notes about GRASS
GIS and HPC in the wiki. I will create a dedicated "HPC" wiki page. I
hope this will be a starting point.

As usual, all this if there are no objections.


See my other mail which I wrote before seeing yours.


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