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> [I imagine your mail was supposed to go onto the mailing list and not just to 
> me...]

sure my answer was for everyone to read, I believe I tried to send it
again afterwards..
something must have gone wrong.

> I just presented GRASS and a short overview over GRASS on HPC yesterday at
> the FOSS4F-FR and there was a lot of interest for this. Several people asked
> me about specific documentation on the subject.

What we did about GRASS + HPC was for specific production purposes and
no documentation
whatsoever wascreated, basically due to lack of time.. so I find it
hard to say whether this is going
to change in the near future:). Surely the topic is of wide interest
and worth being discussed in
several contexts.

> Currently, I'm aware of the following wiki pages which each potentially
> touches on some aspects of HPC:

I must admit that existing documentation/papers did not help much.
Well, did not help at all, actually.
One major problem in my opinion/experience is that
multi-core/multi-node machines can be really
different from each other, and parallelization strategies very
purpose-specific, so that creating
general-purpose documents/papers, or even software, *may* be a
hopeless effort. Smart ideas
are most welcome, of course:)

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