On Wed, 11 Jul 2018, Moritz Lennert wrote:

You can have a vector map with features that have a cat value, but no
corresponding entry in the attribute table, and you can have entries in
the attribute table with no corresponding features in the map.


  Yesterday, initially, there were three featurs on the map and three rows
in the attribute table. I tried removing the feature, but without success.

AFAIK, v.edit only modifies the map, not the attribute table. This is important as several features can potentially be linked to the same attributes. Just because you remove one of the features doesn't mean you necessarily want to remove the attributes. Maybe it might be a good idea to add an additional 'delete_with_attributes' tool to v.edit.

  I did delete the row in the attribute table. but v.edit refused to remove
the map feature. My experiences have been one feature/one attribute.
Regardless, adding a 'delete_with_attributes' option would be helpful.

If you want to erase a point completely (i.e. both the feature and the corresponding entry in the attribute table), the easiest currently is probably to use v.extract with the '-r' flag. This has the disadvantage of creating a new map, but this might actually be an advantage as it allows to go back to the original map if you make a mistake.

v.extract -r YourMap cat=YourFeaturesCat output=NewMap

  I'll remember this (by saving this message) if I need to remove a feature
in the future.

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