Hi Georges,

if you think that something is missing or wrong (i. e. a bug) in the 
Graylog CEF plugin, please create an issue on 
GitHub: https://github.com/Graylog2/graylog-plugin-cef/issues


On Thursday, 15 September 2016 08:20:35 UTC+2, Georges Jahchan wrote:
> In a pilot, both csyslogd and the Graylog CEF Plugin suffer from bugs (or 
> design shortcomings) that preclude their use as they function today:
>    - csyslogd truncates certain events -- seemingly those with special 
>    characters (such as carriage return, line feed, and tab -- Windows Event 
> ID 
>    4627 for example), and it so happens that *critical *security 
>    information is stripped in the process.
>    Since OSSEC truncates these events, it is difficult to predict the 
>    behavior of the CEF Plugin and of Graylog once they receive these events 
> in 
>    full.
>    - CEF Plugin seems to handle only the standard Application, Security, 
>    and System logs. Events from other 'eventchannel' logs picked up by OSSEC 
>    and forwarded by csyslogd in CEF format to CEF Plugin seem to be dropped 
> *silently 
>    *by the CEF plugin.
>    I have not pushed testing further to see what happens to single or 
>    multi-line events picked up by OSSEC from plain-text log files and 
>    forwarded to Graylog through csyslogd and CEF Plugin.
> The transport of events in the [OSSEC --> csyslogd --> CEF plugin --> 
> Graylog] chain cannot be trusted with reliably transferring security 
> information (whatever happens to be required) from OSSEC into Graylog 
> (OSSEC and Graylog work as expected, the transport mechanism between the 
> two is evidently broken). Between truncated and dropped events, the 
> end-result of the entire event processing chain is *totally unacceptable*.
> On the other hand, OSSEC (alerts.json) --> Filebeat --> LogStash --> 
> Elasticsearch (when configured correctly) work as expected. All events in 
> alerts.json are stored "as is" in Elasticsearch, with no ifs and buts.
> Any chance that these issues will be fixed? If yes, what is the expected 
> time frame for a fix? I am willing to contribute to testing.
> If not, is there an alternative trustworthy (non-syslog) method to 
> reliably transport all events from OSSEC undoctored into Graylog? Can 
> NxLog come to the rescue as an alternative trustworthy transport mechanism?

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