I set up Graylog, Elastic Search, NX Logs and MongoDB in a single machine 
which has 3 core CPU's and 12GB memory, 

I was following default configuration and test it to see the performance 
when Graylog eat a plain text log files, their size is below 1 MB each

I have 3 files, each of them with 1000 lines, 500 lines and 700 lines of 
content, however i found that Graylog never finish reading the files, i 
mean for the file with 1000 lines, when i searched in web console, it 
showed that Graylog only eat about 800 lines, and when i put the second 
file on the input directory, the same thing happens, only about 400 from 
500 lines were read;

I am using extractor and decorator

So far, there is no error message i found in either graylog-server log, 
graylog collector sidecar log, and elastic search log

Also how can i check completeness of message in the case like mine?

Anybody has suggestions or tuning guide?


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