Hi all -

Running Graylog 2.1.1 on centOS 7.

We noticed something with the search function today that didnt act like we 

Sorry, this might be kind of difficult to explain.

Looking at Windows Event logs, we were looking at options for displaying 
the top X number of "errors", "critical", etc. in a dashboard.  Someone 
suggested that rather than showing an event ID with X number of 
occurrences, it might be more helpful to display the description instead.  
In looking at an individual log entry, there is a "message" field that 
contains an abbreviated description of "full_message".  Thinking that might 
be useful, we selected 'message' from the search criteria list and then 
selected "Quick Values".  

What we expected to see was a listing showing what was in the message field 
(for example, "The processing of Group Policy failed" or "DCOM was unable 
to communicate" and the like) and a count of the number of times it 
occurred.  What we got was a list of the individual words that were being 
found in that field:

Is this the expected behavior for a search on this field?


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