I have set up 2.1 latest version on my prod environment 
details is as follow

ELK version 2.4
mongod version v3.2.9
Graylog 2.1 latest

i have configured graylog primary for mysql slow log query  i have setup 
using logstash and filebeat details as follow

at remote production server i have installed File beat to transfer slow 
query log into logstash
Configuration details as follow
        - /mysql_data/slowlogs/slow-query.log

    hosts: ["ip of graylog server:5044"]

in graylog server itself i have setup logstash for filtering multi-line log 
file with help of grok pattern 
Following is the logstash cnfiguration fike
input {
  beats {
    port => 5044
      codec => multiline{
         pattern => "^# Time:"
         negate => true
         what => previous

filter {
        grok {
            match => [ "message", "^# User@Host: 
        grok {
            match => [ "message", "^# Thread_id: 
%{NUMBER:thread_id:int}\s+Schema: %{USER:schema}\s+Last_errno: 
%{NUMBER:last_errno:int}\s+Killed: %{NUMBER:killed:int}"]
        grok {
            match => [ "message", "^# Query_time: 
%{NUMBER:query_time:float}\s+Lock_time: %{NUMBER:lock_time}\s+ Rows_sent: 
%{NUMBER:rows_sent:int} \s+Rows_examined: 
%{NUMBER:rows_affected:int}\s+Rows_read: %{NUMBER:rows_read:int}"]
        grok {  match => [ "message", "^# Bytes_sent: 
%{NUMBER:bytes_sent:float}"]   }
        grok {  match => [ "message", "^SET timestamp=%{NUMBER:timestamp}" 
]      }
        grok {  match => [ "message", "^SET 
timestamp=%{NUMBER};\s+%{GREEDYDATA:query}" ]   }
        date {  match => [ "timestamp", "UNIX" ]  }
        mutate {
            remove_field => "timestamp"

output {
 gelf {
  host => ""
  port => 12201

some messages incorrectly parsed and graylog failed to resolve hostname and 
i m getting 2 source input from single server <refer attached screen shot>

please guide me if i did wrong somewhr

and i want to monitor mysql slow query from multiple host 
How can i achieved that 
above configuration is correct then help for debug  and if it is not 
suggest me fast and reliable alternate 

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