Hi Tony,

your last post is missing the important part: Are the stream rules 
evaluated with logical AND (all rules have to match) or logical OR (only 
one rule has to match).

Additionally, your second rule, "message field must match exactly WARN" is 
wrong, as the message field clearly does not only contain the word "WARN". 
You can either use a regular expression to match the message field or 
extract that word into a separate field.


On Wednesday, 21 September 2016 00:06:53 UTC+2, Tony wrote:
> Hi Jochen,
> thank you for your answer and help. In the first screenshot I capture from 
> the field debug_level the word INFO and it works.
> The second is supposed to capture the word WARN from the field message and 
> doesn't work. The third screenshot is the message line.
> Thanks
> Tony

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