I was having a similar issue with my router and switches and I found this 
tutorial which really helped me to be able to extract the information i 
needed. You can also lookup extractors on the graylog market place as well 
to help you accomplish this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEReadkHf2Y

On Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 4:17:58 PM UTC-4, walderba...@gmail.com 
> An example log entry Iis: 
> {"datetime":"2016-08-03T18:47:45.2747784Z","level":"Debug","name":
> "Platform.Data.InstanceProvider","message":"InstanceProvider(ce553f62-f207-41db-aa3d-6d3f74b18df4)
> returned the cached instance.", "requesterIp":"","threadid":"32"}
> And the entire thing is put under the message field.  I want fields for 
> Date, Level, Name, Message, RequesterIp, and Threadid.  I see that I cannot 
> cut from the message so I've tried GROK parsing with copy.
> but I cannot get beyond that.  I've tried continuing with 
> [,]%{WORD:name}[,]%{WORD:message}
> but it fails.  Any suggestions on how I can continue on for the remaining 
> fields?  Or is GROK not the optimal way to parse?

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