Graylog will usually use the source IP address of the client delivering a 
message if there's not explicit source field inside the delivered message.

What's the current problem you're trying to solve?


On Thursday, 13 October 2016 21:34:33 UTC+2, dmerenda wrote:
> Hi ramakrishna, 
> I'm trying too to use the source IP address as the source, but I cannot 
> find any way and I do not understand  your answer about the GELF.
> I actually have many logs without a clear source that need to be shown by 
> source IP address.
> logs are like this one 
> name="Packet dropped (GEOIP)" action="drop" fwrule="60019" initf="eth0" 
> srcmac="72:4a:4a:84:15:11" dstmac="15:44:f3:1a:95:c3" 
> srcip="" dstip="" proto="6" length="44" tos="0x00" 
> prec="0x00" ttl="47" srcport="54412" dstport="80" tcpflags="SYN"
> As you can see there is no "hostname" or "log source" or anything able to 
> identify the message.
> I need to use the source IP within the UDP packet.
> How can I do this?
> Thank you very much and best regards
> On Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 6:14:39 AM UTC+2, ramakrishna...@gmail.com 
> wrote:
>> Hi Adi spivak,
>> Graylog supports the log format such as GELF[Graylog extended log 
>> format]. you could use the host attribute of GELF to specify the device id 
>> as well as the your application context. 
>> <GELF name="gelfAppender" server="" port="12201"
>>             hostName="" protocol="tcp"/> 

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