We are trying to get *highly available GrayLog* configuration for 

1) I used Graylog sizing estimator (beta) - 
According to our requirements: 
   a) Expected messages/sec - 100
   b) Average message size (bytes) - 1400
   c) Retention period (days) - 14
   d) Replication factor  2
We got the following result(Graylog sizing estimator)

Role                   #           CPU cores      RAM      Storage       
1)  Load Balancer -  1 instance ;   n/a         ;   n/a   ;   n/a
2)  *graylog-server - 2 servers  ;    12         ;    12Gb ;   26Gb*
3)  MongoDB        - 3 servers  ;    2          ;    4Gb  ;   30Gb
4) Elasticsearch   - 2 servers  ;    16         ;    48Gb ;   0.2Tb 

As we can see in this recommendation from (Graylog sizing estimator) that 
should be *THO *graylog-servers in this configuration.

2) However, as we can see from documentation that should be et least *THREE 



*So, could you please provide us recommendation how many  graylog-servers 
(THO or THREE) we should use according to the our requirements(see above).*

Thank you in advance


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