It should be easy:

   1. Add a new script from the Greasemonkey menu.
   2. Give it a namespace and a name. The name is what you'll see as 
   visible name. The combination of namespace+name has to be unique for all 
   installed scripts, so the namespace should be something that's likely going 
   to be exclusively used by you.
   3. Narrow down the matching url pattern in the "@include" rule as close 
   as possible to the pattern the comic pages use, so if the comics are for 
   example, use* as pattern.
   4. Add the "framework": define a (so far empty) "modify" function, and 
   execute it as soon as the page is loaded through the 
   window.addEventListener functionality below it:
   function modify() {
   window.addEventListener("load", modify, false);
   This way your code inside the "modify" function will run when the page 
   is done loading, at which point the link should actually be present.
   5. Inside the "modify" function, do the actual manipulation of the HTML 
   source code in 5 easy steps:
   1. Find the link element using the functions getElementByID, 
      getElementsByTagName, getElementsByName. Use MDN or any source you like 
      a reference how these functions work.
      2. Get the image's URL from the link's href attribute
      3. Create an img tag using the document.createElement function. 
      Again, use MDN to see how this function works.
      4. Assign the src attribute of the img node to the link (which should 
      be an image file already), define a suitable thumbnail width and height, 
      and add a style attribute with "border: 1px solid black" (optional).
      5. Remove the link's original child nodes (i. e. the text) and append 
      the newly created img node as a child. This way you get a clickable 
You can do it. :)


Am Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018 02:10:18 UTC+1 schrieb Rob:
> No idea if this is possible, anyone know of a script that will help out? I 
> frequent a site comic site that has a clickable link beside each issue, 
> that link opens  a popup image of the cover. is there a way to modify the 
> site to show thumbnails of those covers, instead of the link? That way, all 
> the images are viewable immediately, albeit as a thumbnail, without need 
> for clicking?

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