First-time user script author here, and a bit stumped about this problem 
I'm having.

I've written a userscript which should play a sound under certain 
conditions. It works well initially, but after a couple of days, the 
userscript does not produce a sound. If I make trivial changes to the 
userscript and save it, it works well again for a few days, until it goes 
quiet again.

I'm not sure how to effectively debug a userscript, so I've thrown a 
`console.log` in my `makeSound` function to ensure it is being invoked. 
Despite not playing a sound, this function is being invoked appropriately.

Given that this userscript reliably stops working after a few days, I 
suspect the sound files (downloaded with @resource) are being deleted after 
some time, and are re-downloaded when I modify and save the file. If this 
is the case, how can I prevent this from happening?

A simplified version of my user script is available here 
<>. It 
should play a sound as soon as it is enabled by clicking the toggle button.

Using Firefox 59.0.2 on Fedora and Greasemonkey 4.3.

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