[It is a standard trick of the administration to brand all militant
democratic opposition as Maoist so as to justify brutal repression. This
canard is also of a piece.
Quite significantly, on this both the administration and the Maoists
collaborate having strange (limited) convergence of interests.
In Haripur, there are two committees in place organising local resistance to
the proposed project. The Maoists are no part of either.]


Maoist bid to nuke project

*Dec. 28:* Maoists have entered Haripur in East Midnapore to fan a movement
on the lines of Nandigram against a proposed nuclear power plant,
intelligence reports say.

In Nandigram, the Maoists had allegedly worked with Trinamul Congress
leaders after a spontaneous local protest against an acquisition notice.

Mamata Banerjee has disowned Maoist claims of assistance, but it is widely
believed that the guerrillas had helped cut off the administration from
Nandigram in 2007, much the same way as they did in Lalgarh last year.

The intelligence bureau report, which has been forwarded to the Union home
ministry, warns the state that it has to be prepared to confront
Maoist-fired protests if the proposed central project is to be implemented
in Haripur.

Intelligence sources said three CPI (Maoist) teams had moved into Haripur,
50km from Nandigram.

“They are camping in Haripur, holding meetings with villagers and saying
they will fight more sincerely than Trinamul (which is part of the central
government now),” an IB officer said. “They are taking advantage of the
villagers’ fear of losing land and citing their success in Nandigram.”

A Farmer and Fishermen’s Association has been formed with alleged Maoist

A senior CPI (Maoist) leader confirmed their presence in the area. “We have
learnt a lesson from Nandigram. Trinamul took our help there but, after
their electoral success, they are trying to drive us away. We are not
falling into the trap this time,” he said.

However, local Trinamul MP and Union minister Sisir Adhikari said the
“so-called IB report” is a “CPM ploy” to spread “rumours” about Maoist
presence. “There were no Maoists in Nandigram and there are no Maoists in
Haripur. We have launched a movement with the farmers and fishermen there
because we are opposed to the nuclear project. The area is thickly populated
and the land is multi-crop.”

Trinamul has also set up a resistance group in Haripur.

Peace Is Doable


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