Sep 22 2016 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
HC blasts govt over starvation deaths in state
Rosy Sequeira
The Mumbai:

Petitioner Says Nearly 18,000 Children Have Died In 2015-16
The Bombay high t court on Wednesday lambasted the state government for its
n “complete apathy“ and “crimid nal negligence“ that has lead to “
worsening malnutrition deI aths in tribal areas of Mahat rashtra's eleven
districts, inr cluding Palghar, which is close m to Mumbai. J “This is
shocking,“ remarked a bench of Justice Vidyasagar Kanade and Justice Swapna
Joshi when told by advocate Uday Warunjikar, appearing c for a petitioner
Kasturba Adic vasi Mahila Sangh, that nearly O 18,000 children have died in
the m state only during 2015-2016 fi J nancial year. The court is hearing a
public interest litigation on malnutrition deaths. The k judges said huge
amounts of d funds are earmarked and yet c there are malnutrition deaths s
taking place. “This is criminal a negligence. Every year large c number of
children die of negw ligence,“ said Justice Kanade. o The judges questioned
wheta her it is not the government's e duty to ensure implementai tion of
welfare schemes. m Warunjikar informed the t court about the recently
reporJ ted casual response of the state i tribal development minister a
Vishnu Savara when told some r 600 children had died in Palghar district.
“See the mentality,“ said Warunjikar.

The court lamented the non-implementation of its orders passed since May
2010.“We are absolutely frustrated.If this continues, we will ask the chief
secretary to come here. Only if we do that, the entire machinery will
work,“ said Justice Kanade. The bench as ked for a compilation of all
orders so that it can issue showcause notices to the officers responsible.
The government's advocate, Neha Bhide, said the core committee, formed
following the high court's May 2015 order, with the chief secretary as its
chairperson has held eight meetings. She submitted its report saying the
government is doing everything it can to implement the schemes. But Justice
Kanade asked, “What is the point of having schemes and not implementing
them? It remains on paper.“

On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 5:53 PM, KP Sasi <> wrote:

> During the Santhal revolt of 1850s, the Britishers killed around 30,000
> Adivasis.Our children do not read such history in schools. Because the
> deaths belonged to a community of Adivasis, which did not matter to the
> mainstream existence. The BJP Government in Maharashtra has proven to be
> more intelligent than the British. They found out a way of killing Adivasis
> without bullets. Their strategy is to kill them with hunger!
> Todyay's Times of India (Mumbai edition) reports on the 7th page on the
> petitioner Kasturba Adivasi Mahila Sangh quoting that 18,000 children have
> died of malnutrition during 2015-16 financial year! The Bombay High Court
> attacked the state government for its `complete apathy and criminal
> negligence' which led to malnutrition deaths in eleven districts of
> Maharashtra.
> Even Hitler could not think of such strategies of genocide!

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