Why is Medha Patkar arrested and put in jail? If she dies as a result of
hunger fast in jail, can the Government be responsible? Medha Patkar has
been told that she can be released if she agrees that she would not go to
Narmada Valley. And obviously she can not agree to such pressure. Now, this
is ridiculous! Medha has cared more for Narmada Valley than anybody from
the Governmental institutions. It is high time that this arrogance of
developmental fascism is stopped. People need justice. You better provide
it. Then talk.

Arrest Of Medha Patkar: Dr Vacy Vlazna Writes To Indian Hight Commissioner
in India <http://www.countercurrents.org/category/india/> — by Dr Vacy
Vlazna <http://www.countercurrents.org/author/dr-vacy-vlazna/> — August 9,

[image: narmada-protest]

His Excellency Dr Ajay Marotrao GONDANE
High Commission of India
Canberra Australia
Your Excellency
I urge the government of India to immediately end the shocking forceful
evictions of 40,000 families in Narmada Valley….

“The peaceful resistance of the courageous children of Narmada mayya to the
rank injustice and violence by the very pillars of our Constitution, has
received unconditional support from all over the world. The whole,
unvarnished truth of the decades-long resistance of the children of Narmada
mayya against State repression cries for wide media coverage; even the
on-going crisis is barely reported. But right now, the demand is for
justice, although the much more immediate demand is that the forcible
eviction must be stopped and the SSP dam gates should be immediately
opened. The children of Narmada will fight this as a last-ditch battle.”
Major General S.G. Vombatkere

It is painful to see, on the heroic 75th anniversary of Quit India, the
vicious attacks against courageous Medha Patkar and her 4 fellow hunger
strikers upholding the Ghandian spirit, the rise of Hindvita fascism, the
perpetual violent caste oppression of Dalits, and India’s atrocities in

Deeply shocked

Dr Vacy Vlazna
Collaroy, 2097, Guringai Land

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