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Date: 13 Feb 2018 8:48 am
Subject: [Arunthathiyar] Uproot the wall of caste erected by paraiyars
against arunthathiyar..in Tamil Nadu
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Paraiyars and Arundhathiyars in the village did different jobs in the past.
Both reared pigs and ate dead cow meat. There were days when Paraiyars
borrowed meat and rice from Arundhathiyars. Paraiyars' caste occupation in
the village was knitting while Arundhathiyars' was to bury dead bodies and
remove dead cows. Both of them worked as agricultural labourers in the
fields of OBCs. Now, many of the Arundhathiyars migrate to nearby states to
work, due to lack of agricultural work in the village.

Between Paraiyar and Arundhathiyar houses, there is an empty space of about
50 cents used by both the castes for a long time. A few years ago Paraiyars
built a fence over this land restricting Arundhathiyars from using this
space. 40 houses of Arundhathiyars are in one place and 20 houses of
Arundhathiyars are in another place nearby. The empty space was the only
short route to access both sets of houses. It is also the space used to
access shops, to gather, a small space to play etc. When Arundhathiyars
asked Paraiyars the logic in building the fence, they argued that it is the
land of Paraiyars. The village elders complained to the Village Officer
about the fence and the restrictions against them. During this period, the
villagers unearthed the fact that the empty land is actually a common land
allotted to both the castes. Arundhathiyars also found that the land they
were living on was actually provided by Kamarajar when he was the CM of
Tamil Nadu. The government had then allotted 1 acre and 60 cents to
Arundhathiyars and Paraiyars. In that, 1.10 acres were issued with
individual pattas and 50 cents were provided for common purposes usage for
Aathi Dravidars (a common terminology for all untouchable castes) to both
the castes. He gave 14 pattas to different families of Hindu Arundhathiyars
and 7 pattas to different Hindu Paraiyar families. Now the contention is
about the 50 cent land.

With this information, Arundhathiayrs ....requested ......

Please read in the following link..and share.


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