[The news item at sl. no. I below is from a Chinese source.

This shows how the Chinese Foreign Minister was acting sweet tongued
befitting a seasoned diplomat, or one expounding one's country's foreign
Especially remarkable is his characterisation of the US-China relations:
"China-US ties are defined more by partnership, not rivalry." Given the
fact that the US President, Donald Trump, has just launched a "trade war",
in the form of raised tariffs on imported steel and aluminium, having China
virtually in the crosshairs.

Keeping that in mind, his pronouncements on India, which btw come pretty
close to the very end, after covering a host of issues, won't justify the
euphoria displayed by a section of the Indian media reporting his remarks.
Ref., e.g.: <

In fact, he had also interjected a cautionary note to India, even if rather
politely: <<"China and India need to be free from mental inhibitions and
meet each other halfway. The two countries must replace suspicion with
trust, manage differences through dialogue and build a future through


Quotes from Chinese FM's briefing on foreign policy

2018-03-08 13:44 GMT+8

Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked about China's foreign policy at a press
conference on the sidelines of the first session of the 13th National
People's Congress in Beijing on Thursday. Here's an extraction of his

Click to watch the live rebroadcast of Wang's meeting with the press.

On the Korean Peninsula:

"China's suspension-for-suspension proposal has proven to be a right
prescription for the problem in creating the basic conditions needed for
improving inter-Korea relations."

"There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it cannot be all smooth
sailing ahead of us."

"Here comes another moment of truth for the parties to demonstrate their
seriousness about resolving the issue. Peace is something we need to strive
for. We must not let the opportunity slip by."

"Let us work together to bring the situation on the Peninsula to peace, and
the nuclear issue back to the track of dialogue."

On China-US relations:

"Despite element of competition, China-US ties are defined more by
partnership, not rivalry."

"The more China develops, the more it can contribute to the world."

"Trade war is not the right solution. In a globalized world, it harms the
initiator as well the target country."

On China-Russia relations:

"We believe the Russian people will again make a right choice."

"China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination is as
stable as Mount Tai."

"The sky is the limit for China-Russia cooperation. There is always room to
make the relationship even better."

On the Pacific and the Indian Ocean:

"There's never a shortage of headline-grabbing ideas. They're like sea foam
in the Pacific or Indian Ocean. They may get some attention but will be

"Stoking a new Cold War is out of sync with the times. Inciting bloc
confrontation will find no market."

On China-Africa relations:

"Changes in the world will not break China-Africa friendship or China's
promise of sincerity, real results, friendship and good faith to Africa."

"As we work together for a community of shared future for mankind, African
brothers and sisters are welcome to get on board China's fast train of

"The Forum on China‚ÄďAfrica Cooperation Summit will give wings to
China-Africa cooperation and help it soar to greater heights."

On China-ASEAN code of conduct talks:

"China has strong resolve and deep commitment to peace and stability in the
South China Sea."

"China follows a responsible approach to the South China Sea issue, taking
into account interests of Chinese people, historical facts, regional peace
and the international rule of law. China's position is firm and consistent."

On China's participation in regional flashpoints:

"In helping to settle regional flashpoints, China has its do's and don'ts.
The Chinese approach is peaceful, justifiable and constructive."

On the "China threat theory":

"As China grows, the 'China collapse theory' has collapsed and become an
international laughing stock. Meanwhile, the 'China threat theory' with its
various sensational versions is losing market."

"It's time the 'China threat theory' was laid to rest."

On the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI):

"The Belt and Road Initiative is a transparent initiative from China. It
follows the 'golden rule' of extensive consultation, joint contribution and
shared benefits."

"Everything is in the open. No country is dominating the process; every
party has an equal say. There's no backroom deal; every step is
transparent. There's no 'winner takes all'; every project delivers win-win

"Over 140 countries participated in the Belt and Road Forum for
International Cooperation last May. The turnout is a clear vote of
confidence from the international community."

"The BRI is a global public good that follows international rules. It is an
international cooperation platform that follows market principles."

"China sincerely asks for ideas from all parties to make the BRI a success.
We will work on both hardware connectivity of infrastructure and software
connectivity of policy, regulation and standard. We hope it will be
high-standard as well as results-oriented, high-quality as well as
economically viable, beneficial to the world as well as to China."

On Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)'s service to domestic development:

"In the new era, the MFA aims to be a pacesetter of China's international
engagement and a solid contributor to domestic development."

On China-Japan relations:

"If Japan does not prevaricate, flip-flop or backpedal and instead accepts
and welcomes China's development, China is willing to work with Japan to
restore the relationship to health and steady growth."

"Never forget why you started, and you can accomplish your mission. At this
important juncture, we ask Japan to have political credibility and act
accordingly to cement the political foundation of its relations with China
and give effect to the political understanding that 'China and Japan see
each other as partners, not threats'."

On China-India relations:

"The Chinese 'dragon' and the Indian 'elephant' must not fight but dance
with each other. One plus one will equal not only two, but also eleven."

"Mutual trust is the most precious commodity in China-India relations. With
political trust, not even the Himalayas can stop us from friendly
exchanges; without it, not even level land can bring us together."

"China and India need to be free from mental inhibitions and meet each
other halfway. The two countries must replace suspicion with trust, manage
differences through dialogue and build a future through cooperation."

On Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in Qingdao

"SCO, welcome to China again. Qingdao will be a new springboard."

On China-Latin America relations:

"China and Latin America are helping and supporting each other as fellow
developing countries. China-LAC cooperation does not target or replace
anyone. China will not move anyone's 'cheese'."

Peace Is Doable

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