《"You (centre) want Aadhaar for each and every activity. You have issued
144 notifications. Why do you need cellphone linked to Aadhaar? You
consider every individual as a terrorist or violator?" Justice AK Sikri
"What's the use of fundamental right of privacy when people are starving,"
the centre's law officer argued in the Supreme Court on Thursday, insisting
that Aadhaar doesn't violate the right to privacy.

Justice Sikri, however, rebutted the argument, wondering how people could
be forced to give up one right to access another. "If we go by your logic,
then can a person say give food, clothing and shelter, I will be your
slave?" he countered.》

To put Justice Sikri's curt observarion the other way round: Can the
goverment demand that only a citizen ready to accept slavery is entitled to
food, clothing and shelter?


Peace Is Doable

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