[<<The Prime Minister’s statement comes after the Opposition led by
Congress President Rahul Gandhi, and various sections of media pointed to
his silence and demanded that he make a statement.>>
(Excerpted from the report reproduced below.)

Modi's condemnation of the two rapes comes in the wake of a bout of
whataboutery (ref.: 'After days of silence, BJP reacts to Kathua, Unnao
crimes: ‘Why no protests for other rape victims?’' at <
and more by the BJP spokesperson officially fielded to give out the party's
And, a BJP state president called the Kathua rape a Pak act (ref.:
'Pakistani hand in Kathua rape-murder case: MP BJP chief' at <

Earlier, apart from expressions of outrages from various other quarters
including the media, the President of the principal opposition party went
on a well-attended midnight protest candlelight march in the national
capital (ref.: 'Rahul Gandhi Leads Midnight March Against 8-Year-Old's
Rape: 10 Points' at <

One only hopes that public attention will not dim over the coming days.

The conditions in which the Unnao rape victim has been kept would improve
(ref.: 'Confined to hotel room without water: Unnao rape victim pleads for
help' at <
The accuseds, the MLA and his brother, in particular, won't be just let
Of course, the Allahabad High Court took upon itself to monitor the case
and forced the CBI to arrest the accused MLA (ref.: <

The investigations in Kathua rape case would proceed uninhindered.
The victim's family and friends would stop being persecuted (ref.: 'Kathua
rape-murder: Asifa’s family flees village' at <

Following Modi's condemnation of Kathua rape, two BJP ministers in the
state cabinet who had publicly backed the rape accused and whoese
resignations were demanded by the major coalition partner, PDP, have
resigned (ref.: 'Kathua rape: Two BJP ministers, who rallied for accused,
resign' at <
One only hopes that's a welcome signal.

For a perspective on the two cases, one may look up:
I. 'Unnao Marks Yet Another Milestone in the Steady Decay of Law and Order
in UP' by Kabir Agarwal and Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashasta at <
II. 'After Kathua, BJP Is Deploying Both Silence and Noise as Part of a
Strategy' by Monobina Gupta at <



Here’s What PM Narendra Modi Said About the Kathua and Unnao Rapes


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, 13 April broke his silence on the
gruesome Kathua and Unnao rape cases, that have rocked the conscience of
the nation.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Ambedkar Memorial in New Delhi, the
prime minister said that the “guilty” will not be spared. He asserted that
“daughters will get justice”, and the government will ensure that happens.

The incidents in the past two days are an embarrassment to the civilised
society. We bow our head before the founding figures of the nation. No
culprit will be spared, justice will be delivered. Those daughters will get
due justice; all of us have to fix the problem together. The guilty will
not go unpunished and the Government of India will not leave any stone
unturned to ensure that happens.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Pressured into Making a Statement?
The Prime Minister’s statement comes after the Opposition led by Congress
President Rahul Gandhi, and various sections of media pointed to his
silence and demanded that he make a statement.

The Quint had published this copy in the morning before the Prime Minister
broke his silence on the recent rape incidents.
Just hours before Modi’s statement, the Gandhi scion hit out at the PM over
his silence on violence against women and children, saying it was
"unacceptable" and India was waiting for him to speak up.

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Friday, 13 April,
urged incumbent state Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to take stringent
action against the BJP ministers who are supporting the accused in the
Kathua rape case.

Protests Erupt Across the Country
The Congress president led a midnight candle-light vigil on Thursday
protesting against the two rape cases.

A day later, on Friday, 13 April, citizens gathered in Mumbai’s Azad Maidan
protesting the incidents of rape, and demanded that the prime minister take
immediate action. In Bengaluru too, people took to the streets demanding
that the the PM speaks up.

What Happened in Kathua & Unnao?
The chargesheet filed by the J&K police in the Kathua rape case that took
place in January revealed that an eight-year-old Muslim girl was held
captive in Hindu temple, sedated, raped repeatedly, bludgeoned to death and
discarded in a forest by three men.

Lawyers in Jammu and Hindu Ekta Manch members are rallying behind the
accused, with two BJP MLAs seen waving the Tricolour as they marched in
defence of the accused.

Politicians and lawmakers tried to stop the police from filing a
chargesheet in the case, trying to further communalise the issue.

In Unnao, an 18-year-old girl along with her family, tried to immolate
herself outside Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s house on 8 April. The girl
alleged that she was raped by BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar in 2017.
Her father was taken into custody under the Arms Act on 5 April, after
allegedly being beaten up by Sengar’s brother and his men. He died in
police custody on 9 April.

While in the Unnao case, the CBI has initiated a probe on Thursday, in the
Kathua case, those defending the accused are demanding a CBI probe,
alleging bias in the J&K Police’s investigation.

(This story was first published at 10 am on 13 April 2018. It was updated
at 7:55 PM on the same day with comments made by Prime Minister Narendra

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