<<Over the decades, after much reflection and repair, from both within and
outside the judiciary, those dark days have been seemingly left behind. But
what worried us then has now re-emerged to torment us again.

The present move — of attempting to undermine and discredit the judiciary,
as seen in the comments — is part of the larger mission to make the
executive the most powerful entity. Today, executive accountability is a
thing of memory, for no one raises any questions about its actions. Since
2014, the Government has undertaken a well-crafted, deliberate takedown of
various institutions and mechanisms that could hold the executive
accountable. Its efforts may not be as brazen as the Indira Gandhi-led
government, but the same ends are being achieved: the state is rendered
practically comatose, and the executive, most often, has the upper hand.

Parallels can be drawn with ‘elected autocracies’, where elected
governments use the very institutions integral to democracy to kill
democracy itself and destroy civil liberties. We have heard nothing of the
Lokpal since. The National Human Rights Commission has been made dormant.
Investigation agencies are misused at the slightest opportunity, with
action against activists, journalists, students, political opponents, or
anyone who protests against the government. The Election Commission of
India appears to have been clearly compromised. The Information Commission
is almost non-functional. The list is long and disturbing. Others who can
hold the executive accountable — academia, the press, and civil society —
have also been systematically emasculated. Universities are under attack.
An unbiased mainstream fourth estate in India no longer exists, and the
media operates mostly as a propaganda machine. Civil society, too, is being
slowly but surely strangled.>>


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